4 Things that you see only in the Movies

The movies world is pretty different from the normal world, as we know it and there are many subtle differences apart from the very obvious ones that are not that common in real life. Take a look at our list of 4 Things that you see only in the Movies and tell us which one did you notice on your own?

Air Ducts are a good way to get around

air ducts in movies

image source: http://www.canopyfancleaning.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Colombiana-air-vent.jpg

As you may have seen in countless movies and TV shows, characters travel through Air Ducts when they are either trapped in a room or they want to get around the building without anybody noticing but that is not the case. If you try it in real life, there will certainly be consequences.

CHLOROFORM works within seconds and does no harm

CHLOROFORM in movies

image source: http://curiousmob.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/chloroform.jpg

Chloroform is a sedative which is very affective in its field but you should consider that the chemical takes a bit of time to work on a healthy individual and you can not just put a towel drenched in Chloroform and expect them to drop on the ground within seconds, it is not how it works and also, it is not good for health.

Seats in Cars don’t have Headrest

car seats in movies

image source: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/6riQJm56kJY/maxresdefault.jpg

You might have missed this one, most of the times when the characters are in a car and you them from behind; there is no Headrest on the seats. The reason to this is the visibility of the actors because their faces are not clearly visible in the shot if they have headrest.

Gun Suppressors make Guns Quiet

Gun Suppressors

image source: http://www.coastalgun.com/Portals/0/Pictures/MyCamera/101_0421.JPG

Most of the action or spy movies show that the character shoots bad guys with a gun that has a Gun Suppressor on it and it does not make any noise when you fire which is just not the case in a real life situation. Gun Suppressors surely make them less noisy but they do not eliminate the sound altogether.

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