5 Ester Eggs You Might Have Missed In Marvel Movies

Marvel is one of the biggest superhero movie productions in the world and we have always loved the movies but they also sometimes treat their fans with some hidden Ester Eggs that you might have missed if you were not looking closely enough. Check out our list of 5 Ester Eggs You Might Have Missed in Marvel Movies.

I can do this all day

I can do this all day

image source: https://grizzlybomb.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/i-can-do-this-all-day-copy.jpg

This is from the movie Captain America Civil War, when Captain and Iron Man are fighting in the end and he is getting hit badly, also bleeding and says” I can do this all day”. It is in the reference of one time he says “I can do this all day” in the first Captain America movie when he is getting bullied and still does not hold back.

Ant man on Hawkeye’s arrow

ant man on hawkeye's arrow

image source: https://img.cinemablend.com/cb/6/2/0/c/d/3/620cd32abbbfd0883dc833efe70dfc70e009ce8cf9b977c3aa619bfb99b036e6.jpg

In the movie Captain America Civil War, at the end fighting sequence when both teams are fighting each other ant man shrinks and gets on the front end of Hawkeye’s arrow. HE shoots the ant man into Iron Man suit, it happens in the comics as well.

S.H.I.E.L.D.’s map

shield marvel

Image source: http://goldwallpapers.com/uploads/posts/marvel-shield-wallpaper/marvel_shield_wallpaper_029.jpg

In the Iron Man 2 Movie, when Nick Fury is talking to Toy Stark in the end, you can see the map with red dots that highlight the location of all the superheroes and potential Avengers.

Lou Ferrigno cameo

Lou Ferrigno as security guard


All the Hulk fans know the original Hulk was none other than the gigantic bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno who played the Hulk in the original TV show without the use of any CGI. In the Incredable Hulk movie, he plays the security guard and he has also voiced the Hulk in the Avengers.

Captain America’s shield

captain america shield in iron man


While building the new element for his arc reactor, Iron man uses the shield of Captain America to lift the lazar duct. It appears in the first two Iron Man movies.

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