5 Most Hated Movies of Hollywood

There are great films, some okay movies and then there are some movies that are downright trash. We are talking about the movies that were so bad that people regretted wasting all that time watching these movies. Let’s check out 5 Most Hated Movies of Hollywood that you should probably avoid watching.

Jack and Jill

jack and jill

Adam Sandler has produced some great movies in his career but he missed it with this one. Adam Sandler plays Jack who comes home to Thanksgiving to his sister, also played by Adam Sandler. The Jack and Jill chemistry was so bad that it received a 3% rating on rotten tomatoes and audience didn’t like it either.

The Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix Revolutions

The first movie in the Matrix franchise was great with original ideas and everything but then they went overboard with the sequels. The main character is invincible in the movie, which means he cannot be killed by any villain and this just makes the movie boring. If the main character has no fear of death then what is the point of fighting?

Batman & Robin

Batman & Robin

The 1997 Batman & Robin movie was so bad that the Warner Bros. had to give it a decade of rest before Christopher Nolan made the Batman Begins movie. Batman & Robin hurt the Batman brand image so much, if you are a batman fan, just do not watch it.

Birdemic: Shock and Terror


There are no words to describe what a train wreck this movie is. This has no good storyline, really bad acting and then there are the miserably edited fake birds that the actors can’t seem to understand.

The Room

the room

The Room is produced, directed, acted and pretty much made by one person, Tommy Wiseau. The movie consists of terrible acting and conversations that we would never see in a real life scenario. Tommy Wiseau is so bad that people watch it purposefully.

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