5 Most Memorable Character in Hollywood Movies

There are certain characters that stick out from the rest and are forever remembered for their roles. These class acts are celebrated even if the movie doesn’t fare well at the box office. We have created a list of most memorable characters that Hollywood has ever produced so that you can relive them for more time. Here is a list of 5 most memorable characters in Hollywood movies.

Indiana Jones

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Indiana Jones is definitely the most memorable character of all time, when Harrison Ford starred in the four Indiana Jones movies he became the star he is remembered for now. Indiana joins movies were massive hit at the box offices around the world.

James Bond


James Bond

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James Bond is one of the oldest and the longest running characters dating back to 50s. The franchise is running smoothly to this day. James Bond is a British secret service spy in MI6, he is reckless and drunk who likes women. Fans loved him for his style and his manliness.


The Dark Knight

Batman is a character played by many actors over the years, he is a vigilantly who fights criminals at night and in mornings he is a billionaire businessman. What sets batman apart from other superheroes is that he is a common man with no abilities.

The Joker

The Joker

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As batman joker too is just a common man with no superpowers but he still is considered to be the biggest villain of all time. He is notorious for is psychotic behavior that is unpredictable and that is joker’s biggest strength.

John McClane

John McClane

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John McClane is just a common detective is gets stuck in a building with a bunch of terrorists who have kept his wife as a hostage. John is loved because of his straightforwardness and that he doesn’t possess some fancy weapons like other heroes do.

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