Best Movies of Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan is one of the best-reputed movie makers in Hollywood. Nolan has a unique way of conveying the story to the audience and the stories itself has intellectual and philosophical concepts in it. Few of the trademarks of Christopher Nolan are Depth of Characters, Connection between the plots, the Unique Story Line and what’s more interesting and unpredictable Nolan’s Ending. Here we collate the best of Nolan’s creations.


Inception is one of well-made film of Hollywood. Casting Leandro DiCaprio in the lead role as a thief who implants dreams in the mind of people and steals secrets from it. The plot of the movie shares between reality and dreams. In the movie, Cobb uses military grade techniques to intrude into the subconscious of the people and try to play with their memory and extract and implant the required information into theirs. Inception Made $800 Million in Box office.


Memento has a unique way of story telling. The movie based on the story film and idea that is proposed by Nolan’s brother, Jonathan Nolan. The movies cast Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Joe Pantoliano. Pearce has a short term memory loss and plots revolve around him trying to find the killer, who murdered his wife. The movie is in two shades, one being monochrome style and the other in color.

Following (1998):

Following is one of the cost effective and short paced film by Nolan in his early days which runs only 70 minutes. The movie is based on a young aspiring writer who is struggling to write his first novel. In search of the idea for his Novel, he uses to follow strangers in the streets and later meets Cobb, the one who has been followed recently and then joins him in criminal activities. The movie has twists and turns coming up quickly.

Batman Series:

The Batman Series consists of the three films: Batman Begins(2005), The Dark Knight(2008), The Dark Knight Rises(2012). Nolan made a great justice to these movies with the story and way of portraying Batman in the scenes.All the three movies had a great critics reviews and box office collections.


After exploring  Batman’s trilogy and finding a way into subconscious memory, Interstellar is based on the race against time. The plot being played in the future where Earth has less support of human life. The former NASA pilot, Cooper travels across the space to find a planet which has support for human life. Leaving his daughter Murphy back home, Cooper continues his mission to a planet and end states the result of the mission.




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