ShowBox on Chrome OS

ShowBox ChromeOSShowBox is a movie streaming app that lets you stream the latest movies and TV shows on your device in full high resolution and you don’t have to buy subscription to keep streaming from ShowBox. The app is works with most smart devices having a screen and you do not need to alter the operating system of your device in order to run ShowBox, it runs on every device right out of the box. The app has a huge library of movie and TV shows that you can stream and it has all the popular movies in its collection ready to be streamed and you can also download all the media content on your device to watch it later or you can also transfer it to other devices.

Chrome OS is an operating system build by Google and it is inspired greatly by the google chrome browser so it runs mostly web based applications but is one of the simplest user interfaces you can have for a college laptop. The operating system has all the necessary features that you would expect from a normal laptop but the OS is generally installed on low power college laptops which students use just to take notes and it is ideal for that. You can run a number of apps on the Chrome OS and a lot of entertainment apps are fully supported to run smoothly on Chrome OS.

Download ShowBox on Chrome OS

  • Open Chromebook and go to extensions page and search for “arc welder”.
  • Tap on “Add Extension” which will download and add it to your chrome. 
  • Download ShowBox on Chrome OS
  • Open Arc Welder from chrome apps.
  • Click on the “Add your APK” option.
  • Locate the Downloaded APK file and load it.
  • Select the “Test” button which will install Showbox on Chromebook using Arc welder
  • After successful installation, Open Showbox and start streaming!

ShowBox also supports: