Deadpool 2

Everyone is eagerly waiting to watch the sequel of famous movie Deadpool. The amazing deadpool played by Ryan Reynolds has won hearts of millions in its first installment, and is coming soon to recreate the magic.

The American superhero movie is based on the Marvel comic’s character Deadpool. The fox movie directed by David Leith is all set to return on the screen. Here is all you need to know about the movie Deadpool 2-

Deadpool 2 Release Date

Deadpool 2

Soon, your favourite Deadpool 2 will hit the screen by 18th May 2018 in US. Earlier the release date was 1st June 2018, but makers proponed the date and decided to release in May.

Cast of Deadpool 2

The title role Deadpool/ Wade Wilson will be played by the Ryan Reynolds again, as after his great performance in the last installment makers can’t think about movie without him. Josh Brolin is playing the stint of ‘Cable’, his role will be opposite of Deadpool. Zazie Beitz has played the role of Domino in the movie. Brianna Hildebrand has done the role of Neegasonic Teenage Warhead, who is a teenage X Man with mutant power. Jack Kesy will be seen as the main villain of the movie with whom Deadpool and Cable will fight.

Deadpool 2 Plot

The story of the movie revolves around the differences and reunion between Deadpool and Cable. The reunited Deadpool and Cable will fight against Dennison’s teenage mutant. As per the official synopsis Wade Wilson who is a disfigured guy will try to fulfill his dream of becoming the Hottest bartender of Mayberry. He would be seen journeying around the world to find his lost sense of taste, importance of family, friends and would be searching for some spice in life. During his struggle he would have to fight with ninjas and mutant.

38 thoughts on “Deadpool 2

  1. It’s may 19th and it says release date may 18th and it’s still not on showbox and I really want to watch deadpool 2 plz get it on showbox asap

  2. It’s now June 13th still no dead pool. This app is about to be deleted I’ve stuck by y’all a long time. And this is the longest it’s ever taken a movie to post.

  3. Ya’ll it’s movie night, and we we’re just about to watch deadpool 2 on showbox. But no, there is no deadpool 2 on showbox. You guys might want to hurry up and put that movie on showbox, it about that time. -P.S. I can’t wait any longer for them to put that movie out .

  4. It is now June 20th, and the only thing my children have been talking about is DP2. Any idea when it’s actually going to come out?

  5. June 22nd and I have pounded a nail through my scrotum and affixed it to a two by four in anticipation for this movie. Let me do my happy dance please!!!

  6. July 2nd!!!…. on vacation…. I bought a Roku with the sole purpose of screen sharing Showbox to the TV at the condo we’re staying in so I could watch Deadpool 2 while on vacation… STILL NO DEADPOOL!?!?!?! ???…. at least I own a Roku now so I can sell the old PlayStation… where is Deadpool 2 at Showbox? Also Infinity War would be nice and some Incredibles 2 for my kid… But none of those are on Showbox ATM

  7. July 3rd and Deadpool 2 and Infinity War are not on Showbox… Infinity War has been out for over 2 months now, and Deadpool 2 has been out for over a month

  8. July 14 and still no deadpool 2 .deadpool 2 came out first that Jurassic world fallen kingdom and it is in showbox but still no deadpool 2

  9. Omg you guys are all so stupid. I’ve explained on many threads that the description above is when it came out in cinemas. Showbox has never brought it out in good quality until the release of the digital version. For example infinity war will come out tomorrow. My prediction. And Deadpool will be out when it gets digitally released. Pay to go watch it you fools or be patient.

    1. Lol it was too funny reading the messages!

      The new Avengers Xfinity War is on Showbox. I’m surprised this hit but still no Deadpool 2. I figured Deadpool would be up by mid-July. Ya never know with Showbox. So many movies have been up before the theater release date. And some just take longer.

      Deadpool 2 is up on my firestick but it’s a cheap street copy. I stopped watching after 10 minutes.

      I wouldn’t be in such a hurry only l never got out to see it at a theater! Kicking myself!

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