Johnny English Strikes Again

After the commercial success of Johnny English, Studio Canal brings the third sequel of the incredibly hilarious spy action movie franchise. Johnny English Strikes Again moves around with the re-discovery of the famous spy Johnny English as a spy agent.

Release Date of Johnny English Strikes Again

Johnny English Strikes Again

Johnny English Strikes again is all set for a worldwide launch on 12th October 2018 with initial release in USA.

Johnny English Strikes Again Cast

The film stars famous Academy winning actor Rowan Atkinson as Johnny English and Olga Kurylenko as Ophelia. Other famous names include Jack Lucy as Jason; Ben Miller as Bough, Miranda Hennessy as Tara and Adam James as Pegasus. Johnny English Strikes Again is directed by David Kerr who is replacing Oliver Parker who directed the second sequel and is written by William Davies, the mastermind behind the screenplay of How to tame your Dragon.

Johnny English Strikes Again Plot

The movie begins with a cyberattack leading to the biggest leak in the spy agencies. The leak reveals the names of all active undercover agents in Britain and this leads to chaos among the secret service. In a huge crisis like this, the Secret Service decides to call back the greatest Spy Britain has ever seen. Johnny English breaks out of retirement with a mission to capture the mastermind of this infamous leak. The mission is very challenging and is made even more mystical with the presence of unknown forces working beneath shadows. Johnny English with his primitive and traditional methods is all set to face the challenges the Modern Technology brings so that he can capture the mastermind behind the leak. The movie will have lots of light moments and is expected to deliver an action packed humour through a well developed plot thanks to the benchmark set by the prequels. The movie is set to make new records given the commercial success of Johnny English 2.   

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