Movies I’ve Watched And Their Rating

I’m no movie critic, I just watch movies everyday (and have a decent taste) so why not let people know my opinion about them?

Note: The rating and reviews are fresh right after watching the movie. I rate them according to how I feel at the end and would not make any changes to them later and stay intact with the feedback.


Snatch (2000): 9/10

A movie you will want to see to chill and have some good time. Great movie!

Buried (2010): 8/10

Reynolds took the game all by himself. What a performance!


Zodiac (2007) 

You’ve got Jarhead, Iron Man and Hulk in a single movie – what else do you want? Just go watch it. It’s one of the best crime movie I’ve seen. Period.


Tron: Legacy (2010): 8/10

It’s a good Sci-fi movie filled with action. It does have few scenes that makes suspense but that gets broken down. But I would have loved if it could have built a tensed situation which would have made it much awesome.


The Lone Ranger (2013): ⭐10/10 ⭐

It’s joyful, it’s simple, packed with action and a movie that I genuinely loved. 


Salt (2010): 7/10

I’ve always been a big fan of spy movies. It’s a good movie to watch.


Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) & Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014): 8/10

It was good to know the origin of Captain America. The movie kept me engaged over all it was good


The Magnificent Seven (2016): 7/10

It was quite a good movie but I wish it came with more humors.


Live Free or Die Hard (2007): 7/10

It’s of those movie where action keeps happening and you won’t be in too much suspense because of the on-going plots but it keeps you engaged.


The Salesman (2016): 7/10

Shahab Hosseini did his part just right! 🙂


Collateral (2004): 8/10

DAMN! Kudos to both Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx for the brilliant performance.

In Bruges (2008)

I only saw this for about 30 mins. It’s funny had some good laugh but I am really not into comedy spies movie.


Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011): ⭐10/10 ⭐

A beautiful movie!


Django Unchained (2012): 8/10

Hilariously badass movie. Make sure to watch The Hateful Eight (2015) right after it – there’s no way one can not love this series.


The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012): 6/10

Guy who is quite, socially awkward, no friends. Finally meets few friends, have fun and finally have a social life. Well you know, the script isn’t something new. I’ve already seen couple of movies like that. But yes, the ending of the movie got me :’)


There Will Be Blood (2007):

I quit the halfway through the movie, I’m sorry. Maybe I will want to see the rest half some day. Until then, peace! <3


Iron Man (2008) & Iron Man 2 (2010)

I’ve already seen Iron Man 3 and all the recent movies like Avengers, Spiderman where Iron Man has been a part of. You know, Iron Man is of those movies that makes to the “Movies You Must Watch Before You Die” list. So I won’t comment on it rather if you’re in mood for action and good humor then just go watch it. Robert J Downey’s performance is always at it’s finest.


It (2017): 6/10

The kids did EXCELLENT job. But I feel like this movie should have casted teens where they will have more accessibility of killing a supernatural clown not just go into it’s den, unaware of how they will even kill it, then with bats and rods beat the shit out of the clown.

Last horror movie I watched was Annabelle back in 2014. So after 4 yrs I really expected more shocks, suspense and tense but this movie didn’t presented me with any. All I will say I am thrilled to see what’s next in the Chapter 2 of the movie 🙂


Black Hawk Down (2001): 6/10

Whole movie is attack and counter attack. Nothing much of nerve cracking suspense or thriller but gun shot, gun shot and more gun shots.


Jarhead (2005): First hour 10/10, Second hour 3/10.

If you want some good laugh and humor just watch the first hour of the movie – you will just love it. Second hour was just “ok”, nothing much there. Spoiler: It is not a typical war movie that you see regularly. No action involved.


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017): 8/10.

I didn’t got bored the whole time, really good movie. Got good humors.

Catch Me If You Can (2002): 8/10.

While watching I was wondering if someone really did this hell of a work in real. Later found it was a documentary. Boy oh boy! It’s really dope.