Movies that Grossed Over 2 Billion

Hollywood is the biggest movie producer and there is serious money involved in the movie business. In order for the producers to keep making a profit and make more movies, they need the movies to make as much money as they can and most movies do very well in the theaters.

Still, the 2 billion mark is a giant milestone for any Hollywood, it is a ton of money that a very few people get to have on the earth. there have only been 3 movies that have managed to cross the 2 billion mark, let’s check out the Movies that Grossed Over 2 Billion.



Avatar is the most grossing movie of all time with profits well over 2 billion dollars. Jake is an ex-marine whose brother is dead. He was a scientist who worked on another planet Pandora. He was supposed to go on a mission, on the avatar program but due to his death, his brother Jake has been given the opportunity to step into his brother’s shoes and take the job. He takes it and flies to Pandora where he learned how to operate the avatar. He decides to save the land of Pandora by fighting against the very people who sent him there.


Titanic is the story of a poor guy who wins his ticket on the biggest ship of that time, the Titanic. He gets on the ship at the last minute and the adventure of his life begins. He stumbles upon a girl who was trying to take her life. He saves the girl and both of them get attracted towards each other. The boy is asked to join the rich at their dinner table and that is his chance to win her heart.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens is the newest installment in the Star Wars franchise who is one of the most loved movie series ever made. It was a treat to watch for all the fans who had been waiting for decades for this movie.

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