ShowBox on Nvidia Shield

ShowBox Nvidia ShieldShowBox is an entertainment app that works on most devices and you can stream all sorts of premium media content on your device using this app. ShowBox is free to use, there is no subscription that you need to buy in order to keep streaming and you don’t even have to buy the app, it is available for free for all devices. The app is very simple in terms of interface and the ads in ShowBox are pretty minimal and you will hardly notice them. ShowBox has a large library of latest movies and all the media content on this entertainment app is in full high definition that you can stream or download on your device.

Nvidia Shield is a handheld gaming console which is primarily designed for gaming which is very obvious from the looks of the console, it is a remote with a screen and a very powerful Nvidia processor which will play any game with ease and the operating system of this portable gaming console is built around Android Lollipop 5.1 so it will also run most of the apps that you would normally find on an android device. Nvidia Shield has a very powerful graphics processor and it is built for gaming on the go, most part of the console is an Xbox 360 console remote with 2 joysticks and buttons that you use to game or navigate through the OS.

Download ShowBox on Nvidia Shield

  • Download ES file manager from the Google play store.
  • Download ShowBox on Nvidia Shield.
  • Open ES file manager and open “Downloads” folder where you will find the recently downloaded APK file of ShowBox.
  • Install ShowBox on Nvidia Shield and wait for the installation process to finish.
  • Run ShowBox app and start streaming the movie you love on your Nvidia Shield.

You can also run ShowBox on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Wii.