Brad Peyton’s movie Rampage is a science fiction story of monsters. The movie is based on a game “Rampage” originally created by Midway Games. The game was 80’s arcade game which was converted to video game. The game was about monsters who used to destroy everything despite a large military. Users had control on these 3 monsters- A crocodile, an Ape, and a wolf. The movie is little twisted, here one hero will save earth from monsters. A movie-watcher may enjoy the movie as it has good humour. You will enjoy the chemistry between Johnson and his Gorilla. Let’s know more about Rampage-

Release date of Rampage


The movie got its release on 13th April 2018 in theatres.

Cast of Rampage

Dwayne Johnson, who is playing lead role of Davis Okoye, is the USP of movie. Naomie Harris is playing Dr. Kate Caldwell, a genetic discredited engineer. Malin Akerman is playing villain in the movie as Claire Wyden who will infect the animals with mutagenic serum. Other cast of the movie includes Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Harvey Russell, Jake lacy as Brick Wyden, Joe Mamganeillo as Burke, Marley Shelton as Dr. Kerry Atkins, P.J. Byrne as Nelson, Breanne Hill as Amy, Jack Quaid as Connor and many more.

Rampage (2018) Plot

The story of the movie is quite predictive. That’s what making it an average movie, however, Johnson fans would never want to  miss this opportunity of watching their favourite’s movie. Johnson (Davis Okoye) is a primatologist, who is not a social person. But he shares a great bond with a gorilla, who has been with Davis from birth. Due to mutation Gentle gorilla becomes Dangerous. Davis teams with Dr. Kate, to save his innocent gorilla by securing antidote. During this they find other animals who were also infected by Mutant serum. They fight for it and try to save world and stop this mutant infection, also to get his friend back.

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  1. Ive been waiting for rampage 2 come on show box apk. Can u let me know what date it will b on showbox 2 watch please.

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