ShowBox on Raspberry Pi 3

ShowBox Raspberry Pi 3ShowBox is an entertainment app that lets you stream movies, TV shows and gives you the latest news about the show business. IF you are a movie fanatic you must have ShowBox app on your android device because the best part about this app is it is absolutely free, you do not require a subscription to be able to media content on your phone using this app. ShowBox also allows you to download the movies and TV shows you stream on your phone to watch them later anytime or you can also transfer the downloaded files to any other device. You have full control on the resolution of the media file you stream and you can go all the up to full HD, and the app also provides subtitles for every media file.

Raspberry Pi 3 is a single board computer systems designed in UK to be used in teaching about the basic computer mechanics all around the world and also being used in the developing countries because they are very easy to transport and require less space. Raspberry Pi 3 can be very powerful, more than you would expect when you see the size of the boards. The processors on these computers can go from 700 MHz all the way up to 1.2GHz and 256MB of RAM to 1 GB of RAM. Raspberry Pi 3 was a huge success selling outside the targeted market because robotics have a use for them as the computers are basic and lightweight.

Download ShowBox on Raspberry Pi 3

  • To install ShowBox you will need to use the APT GET command on the command line
  • Enter the following command
  • sudo apt-get install ShowBox
  • After the OS checks the repositories, you will asked to confirm installation.
  • After some time the ShowBox app will be installed, if the program is compatible stable it will run.

Other platforms ShowBox supports: