Top 5 Super Villain of Marvel Cinematic Universe


Marvel Cinematic has a bunch of super heroes and super villains into it. While the superheroes are well known and popular. There is a huge fanbase of each superhero in the realm.Surprisingly, it does not limit to heroes alone, the villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe also has the same privilege and fan base across the world. So, here we compile the top 5 villains in the MCU.

The Red Skull:

With real name Johann Schmidt, Red Skull was the head of HYDRA’s weapon wingHYDRA-Abteilung. A powerful scientist by himself he created and tested the superhero serum in the early stages of the research and as the effect turned out into a deadly villain.

Appearance: Red Skull was seen in The Avengers, Captian America, Captian America: The Winter Solider.


The Mandarin:
 The lead of the terror Organisation Ten Rings, the Mandarin first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the movie Iron Man 3. There are particular no flashback or history about the character in the MCE, but there are facts that he was associated with many terrorist attacks around the Globe. His name, Mandarin in Chinese is known as “Advisor to the King”.
Appearance: In Iron Man 3, attacks Stark Industries

Helmut Zemo:

 Helmut Zemo is a Sokovian citizen, who tries to take the Avengers as the revenge that led to the downfall of his family, the Sokovian Accords. In the battle of Sokovia, there were numerous casualties and Zemo’s family was one.
Later understanding the strength and power of Avengers, Zemo realized its impossible to defeat them without a breakthrough and hence play smartly to hinder battle between the Cap and the Ironman and by bringing Bucky into the play.
Appearance: Captian America: Civil War.


Originally created by Iron Man and  Bruce Banner, Ultron has created a peacekeeping Artifical Intelligence.  Tony Stark was trying to use technology and create an AI that would replace the current Avengers and keep the world safe from the villains, but in the process, here were many obstacles to get the desired results.After destroying the HYDRA base and recovering Scepter, Tony asked Thor to decode Scepter, so it can be used to power the Ultron.Bruse Banner was brought into it and complete the work. Later with the help of JARVIS and Banner, Ultron was created. After AI grew, Ultron decided to create mass genocide and a new world that makes in turn into an Ultra Villian.


Loki needs to no introduction to the MCU fans. Loki, the son of  Laufey, from the frost giants. He was abanded after his birth. He was brought into Asgard by King Odin and was raised in Asgard.
Loki was made several appearances and been the part of many movies in the Franchise.Mostly seen fighting with his biological brother Thor and in the lands of Asgard and against Avengers. He is one of the most liked Supervillain too.

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