/ / Pair for Kodi PairThere are lots of issues being faced by users to run or or pair on Kodi. That is why I am sharing an article to fix errors and making run for Kodi. There are simple steps shared in this article which will help you to stream on your end.

It is really hectic or time consuming to download movies or HQ videos on your system and then play it. To overcome this hectic task, Kodi comes handy. But, Kodi requires various types of add-on to pair with, or for example so that streaming can be ensured. And if these add-ons are giving errors then these are required to be settled first. / / Pair for Kodi – FIX

Here are few errors separately categorized for you which can help you to easily run or or with Kodi. pair Stream Authorization Fix

If you are encountering “ pair Stream Authorization” while selecting the server on Kodi, follow these simple steps;

  1. First of all, you need to browse the following URL on your web-browser:
  2. Once the Vidup’s site is loaded, then it will be showing your IP address and under it there will be a button with text Activate Streaming. You need to click on that button and it will authorize you for streaming. It may also ask for Captcha.
  3. Once you have done that, there will be message saying ‘Happy Streaming IP Address XYZ has been authenticated for 4 hours’.

Note: Once above steps are completed you can stream movies and videos for next 4 hours. If you ran out of the limit of 4 hours then you need to repeat the above steps then again you will have four hours.

This was my article on pair on Kodi and fixing some issues available out there. 

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