Top 3 Superheroes of DC

After exploring Marvel Cinematic Universe, now its time for heading towards the DC. DC has its own fan following around the globe. Here we have listed out the top three superheroes on the list.


Batman was the superhero co-created by Bob and Bill in 1939. Known by name, Bruce Wayne in the common world, this billionaire has a different identity when he takes on the criminals of the city. Bruce Wayne’s childhood was difficult as his parents were murdered by the criminals of the Gotham City.

Bruce Wayne owns Wayne Enterprise and holds a good position in the city. He is assisted by his butler Alfred Pennyworth.He fights the criminals with his high-level intelligence and custom made Bat toys.


Known by this common name, Clark Joseph Kent. Superman (Kal-El) was sent to Earth from the Planet Krypton which was facing war during his birth. He was later found in a Smallville.He works a reporter in the Newspaper and hides his superpower abilities from others.

As a superhero, he has great powers like strength, speed, and intelligence of things around him. He’s weakness is Kryptonite, from this birth planet. Superman and Batman know each other identity.In his normal life, he is in love with Lois Lane.


Wonder Women:

Diana Prince is the first child from the Amazons.Wonder Women was created byWilliam Moulton Marston and Harry in 1941. She is stronger and agile than other members of the Amazons. The goddess of Wisdom and War Pallas Athena granted her powers of fighting and intelligence.

Wonderwomen is one of the best characters after Super Man and Batman in the club.


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