Top 4 Super Heroes in Marvel Cinematic Universe

In the last story we had compiled the list of top 5 villains in the MCU and now we are here with the new list of top 5 Superheroes of MCU.


The Green Beast on Avengers. One of the innovative scientists who work on Biochemistry and nuclear physics, Bruce Banner tried to replicate the superhero serum which was used on Captian American in world War II. But the experiments turn bad and let to an exposure of Gamma radiation which caused a peculiar act on Bruce Banner body, which makes transform into a beast when he is angry or provoked by others.


Being the youngest superhero of MCU, Peter Parker is a young teen from New York, who lives with Aunt, May. Being bitten by a genetically modified spider, Peter Parker gets spider-like abilities. He uses this skills to fight crimes in the city. His identity is not known to anyone expect few, because he feels that it would disturb his life.

Iron Man:

Tony Stark is genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist who lives a crazy lavish life. Filled with enormous wealth and the great technical knowledge, Tony Stark builds a great suit and then uses it to save the world. He also owns Stark Industries, which builds future ready weapons and invests in technology for the future.

Captian America:

Captian America is the first superhero for Marvel Cinematic Universe. Steven “Steve” Grant Rogers is the soldier of World War. After joining the army, Steve had many health issues and was struggling to hope up with it. After numerous efforts, he was rejected from the services. He readily opted for the superhero program and the weak young man was turned into a Super Hero with great ability to fight the criminals.


So, above is the list of great heroes of MCU. We will come again with some great lists on the site.

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