Top 5 Superhero Origin Movies

Who doesn’t love superhero movies? Marvel and DC has created most of the superheroes we see in the movies but let’s go back to where they all started, their origin movies.

Batman Begins

Batman Begins

Both parents of Bruce get murdered in front of his eyes and he is destroyed. He waits for years to get proper justice but the criminal is released and he decides to kill him but soon realizes evil can not be cured by more evil and the Batman is born and all this makes for a very inspirational movie.

Iron Man

Iron Man

The coolest guy in the world goes to demonstrate the working of his missiles when he gets kidnapped by terrorists. He sees his own weapons being used to fund terrorism. He escapes by making a suit powerful enough to get him out of there and Iron Man is born

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

A brilliant surgeon loses his hands because of an accident and gets depressed of his circumstances. He then meets with a person who recovered from similar spinal injury and is on his way to seek cure. He travels to Nepal and meets with the monks who treated the man. The master makes him experiences a whole new dimension and he will train to acquire the superhuman powers.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America

An American scientist picks Steve to be a soldier WWII despite being physically weak. He later realizes he is part of an experiment where his body will be transformed making his much stronger. The experiment enhances everything the participant already has within him, good becomes great and bad becomes evil. He was picked only because he had a wonderful heart. He then leads his army to free his troops.


Spider Man

The classic spider man will always be my favorite superhero origin movies of all time. Peter is bitten by a genetically modified spider that makes his cells to mutate given him superhuman powers and strength. He then takes the city under his protection catching thieves and stopping crime with his new abilities



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