Venom is a movie based on a game named “Venom”. The movie illustrates a character “Venom”. This is Ruben Fleischer movie, which will have motion capture technology as per rumours, to show the large and dangerous Monster Venom. The screenplay of the movie is given by Scott Rosenberg, Kelly Marcel and Jeff Pinkner. Sony pictures is behind its distribution, and they are also thinking to turn it to a franchise of Venom. Let’s know more about the movie Venom-

Venom Release Date


Venom will be released on 5th October 2018 in US.

Venom Casts

Tom Hardy is playing Eddie Brock and Michelle Williams will play Eddie’s girlfriend. Roz Ahmed will be seen as Carlton Drake, Carlton in the movie is a scientist who is working on Symbiote. Other casts Jenny Slate, Scott Haze, Woody Harrelson, Reid Scott, Scott Deckert and Sole Aluko are also in the movie. However, the roles of these actors are not disclosed yet.

Venom Movie Plot

In the movie, Eddie Brock is an investigator who investigates about the Life formation. Life formation is a company which is testing on its volunteers for the alien life formation. When Eddie Brock enters the lab he gets infected resulting development of some supernatural powers. He starts hearing a demonic voice in his head. He gets a suit which was previously with Spiderman. Spiderman got rid off that suit because he felt that suit was controlling his mind and desires making him aggressive.

The suit was actually Alien ‘Symbiote’ with its own desires and thoughts, thus it finds Eddie. Eddie embraced the suit and turned into a monster Venom. Speculations are that makers will introduce a female Venom too. The movie Venom has intelligently showed Venom as an anti hero, who is in trouble and at the same time it shows venom as a monster.

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